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Book Review ~ Panther’s Ghosts by Ajit Menon

• INSIGHT: Veer Pratap Singh, deputy commissioner of Mumbai Police, is killed at the beginning of the plot, thus paving way for revenge and drama spearheaded by his son Raj Pratap Rana. As Veer was in the knowhow of a lot of secrets of men up in the power ladder, he was unpopular with mafias and gangsters in the state. Raj joins hands with Panther’s Ghosts, an elite anti-terrorism group, headed by the Prime Minister to investigate the assassination. His mission in India opens a pathway for him to get to know his father better and also simultaneously get help from his friends.

• REVIEW: Quite an intriguing read, the storyline is dotted with lots of drama, suspense, thriller, gore and revenge. The cover of the book is a great lead into the story, as it gives a Men in Black kind of a vibe to the reader. Overall, a quick read for a mystery lover, the book is successful in doing its rightful job- capturing the adrenaline of its audience.

• STRENGTH: The cover is quite a strength along with the title of the book. Well thought of and quite the mystery in itself, it will make one choose this read amidst other mystery books. The language is friendly for young beginners.

• WEAKNESS: The storyline appears a bit stretched in certain circumstances, those details could have well been done away with.

• TARGET READERS: Young adults

• GENRE: Contemporary fiction

• RATING: 4.1/5

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