A gripping tale of romance and suspense.

Book Review ~ Nalanda- Until we meet again Gautaam Borah

• INSIGHT: The story of “Nalanda’ is quite intriguing as a college romance turns into a nail-biting mystery. The protagonists Neil and Aanchal have met in Oxford, from where they come back to India to pursue their respective careers.Neil belongs to a simple household and is quite intelligent and outgoing as a person. Aanchal, quite a different personality, is caught up in a web of politics created by her father. As both their destinies tangle up, it is for the readers to decode their circumstances (be it time travel or crime) and how they end up around an age-old mystery. Quite a gripping read, full of twists and turns, Nalanda is sure to keep the reader hooked on till the last page.

• REVIEW: The narration technique and storytelling by the author is extremely balanced and well-approached. There is a style that he follows, which is quite personal to him as it seems and something that reflects well in the chapters. All in all, an exciting read full of drama and romance, Nalanda is all set to leave a strong and everlasting impression on its takers.

• STRENGTH: The language is quite easy to comprehend and the storytelling is extremely vivid.

• WEAKNESS: Nalanda is not a quick read, hence will need focus and patience to complete the entire book

• TARGET READERS: Young adults

• GENRE: Contemporary fiction

• RATING: 4.4/5

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