An emotional account of a girl’s life where reality gets blurred with the paranormal.

Book Review ~ A DARK AND SHINY PLACE by Pragati Deshmukh

• INSIGHT: A Dark and Shiny Place is a story of a woman who is living her fairy tale life. Due to circumstances, she gets stuck alone in her home amidst the COVID lockdown where she experiences paranormal happenings in the house and is unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

• REVIEW: The novel written by Pragati is all about emotions. How relationships make you lose yourself and make you redeem yourself too. The protagonist of the story, Maya, has been explored well. The sisterly bond between Maya and Meera has been shown beautifully. Since, they both are the narrators of the story, the readers would get the viewpoints of both sides. The flow of the story was maintained throughout and the climax has been written in such a way that it gives you hope and courage to live your life.


1) The book is a quick read.The plot of the story takes time to build, but later on gives an unexpected climax.

2) The title and cover page of the story go well with the content.

3) The characters of the novel are relatable.

4) I liked the theme the best.

    • WEAKNESS: I felt that the story took too much time to unfold.

    • TARGET READERS: This novel is suitable for people wanting to have a light read which is full of emotions. Suitable age group would be 20-35 years.

    • GENRE: Fiction

    •• RATING: 3.9/5

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