Book Cover Design

We’ve all heard this phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but the truth is, people do judge books by their covers. So, let’s get creative and make something that not only captures their attention but also makes them like it 👀

Check out some book covers made by Kitabi Keeda👇

Book cover by kitabi keeda
Book cover by kitabi keeda 1

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The queen of times
Ajaybabu Anilbabu Author of The Queen of Times

Kitaabi Keeda has done a fantastic job in bringing out the cover of my second book, The Queen of Times: The Redemption. Special mention to Umesh, who put in great effort and also responded to the slightest modifications I suggested and helped me bring out a catchy and amazing cover for my book. I contacted them to design the book cover, and satisfied with their work, I ended up giving up the whole responsibility of cover reveal and online launching of my book, which they did perfectly. I am really satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them.

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