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Kitabi Keeda, as the name suggests, is all about books. It is a well-known Instagram page among book lovers and writers that has been delivering fun-loving bookish content since 2018. From posting amazing book recommendations, reviews, funny book memes, inspiring quotes to latest news and updates related to books, this page surely gives a feeling of home to every reader out there.

Interestingly, the idea behind starting this page was to sell books online. However, the founder, Umesh soon realized that his interests and skills lie far beyond that. He shifted his focus on content creation and book marketing and enjoyed his work so much that he never looked back.

The brand has mastered the art of PR and has worked with whooping 500+ authors to get their books into the spotlight they truly deserved. You can expect the reviews of this page to be honest, and if required, brutally honest 👀

The mission of Kitabi Keeda is simple: to make people shift from Mobile Screens to Books, without any external force. The goal is not to make reading only a pastime but a go-to destination for knowledge and entertainment.

The team of Kitabi Keeda truly believes in the words of Ms. Margaret Fuller, who said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” They strive to use technology as a bridge and not as a barrier to bring in the reading culture. And, they’re already contributing towards the goal by coming up with creative content that encourages people to pick a book instead of scrolling mindlessly.

Now that you know our story, join us in shaping the future of India’s reading culture—one page at a time.

Warning: Your bookshelf is about to fill up at lightning speed.

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