A humorous tale of grit and determination.

Book Review ~ Behram’s Boat by Adi Pocha

⛵ Insights: Behram’s Boat reminds the reader of Noah’s Ark. There are some strong similarities of sentiments in terms of how Noah and the protagonist in this book are both guided by emotions of guarding their community. It has a humorous twist to the narration and details about the Parsi community and its eccentricities. Behram, an old Parsi man, is hell-bent on building a boat to save his endangered Parsi community. People try to pull him down, but he keeps his vision straight and in the end builds a boat which is all set to sail from Sanjan to Iran.

⛵️ REVIEW: The book is a great reflection of the grit and determination of a man to save and nourish his community. The humorous takes on life and the manner in which the narration portrays Behram’s will and mental strength is a lesson for all to be read and taken home. The author definitely has a great flair for the language, it is quite evident in his choice of vocabulary and paraphrasing techniques.

⛵ STRENGTH: The language is simple, the story quite unique and connects with the audience.The cover is quite attractive with its melancholic and dark image, quite interesting for a reader of this genre

⛵ Drawbacks: The font on the back is too small to catch the reader’s attention, also the back cover misses ‘About Author’ segment

⛵ TARGET READERS: Fiction lovers

⛵ AGE GROUP: Young Adults

⛵ GENRE: Contemporary fiction

⛵ RATING: 4.3/5

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