This book will tell you everything about ‘Spirituality’

Book Review ~ Living Spirituality by Meetu Bisht

• INSIGHT: ‘Spirituality is the call of the conscience’. A myth bursting book that delves into the true meaning of spirituality, de-fogging the illusion of religion and rituals that society has created around it. The author has explained the differences in concepts that we usually tend to use interchangeably without truly understanding their real meaning such as philosophy, faith and spirituality. She goes levels deeper when she clarifies that for centuries spirituality has been viewed as an escapism mechanism from the material, where one has to sit for hours like sadhus to receive enlightenment. However now, things are changing. Meanings are being redefined; it is not necessary to leave the world to find peace or God. The chapters are well-flowing and structured, giving readers a strong sense of the expertise that the author brings on board as she exposes the hollowness of our society along the way.

• REVIEW: The book is an easily comprehensible take on a subject of great controversy and meaning. It brings about the concept of a new world where one starts seeing and questioning things in a different life. It is an amalgamation of various perspectives, each as defying as the previous, inspiring readers to practice it as a part of their day to day lives. It is a journey of self-awareness, a hook to detach from enforced principles of society and find a new and better tomorrow for oneself.

• STRENGTH: The cover gives a feeling of contentment and peace. The colours used are subtle.

  1. The language is easy and for beginners
  2. The book will never get outdated. It is based on an eternal subject and will continue to hold
    prominence in time

• Drawbacks: You need to be interested in the subject of spirituality to be able to read this book, otherwise, it might seem like a long and unending preach

• TARGET READERS: Readers interested in wellness and spiritual growth

• AGE GROUP: Young adult

• GENRE: Spiritual contemporary non-fiction

• RATING: 4.3/5

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