If you're looking forward to transform your life, this book can become your stepping stone .

Book Review ~ You’re too GOOD to feel this BAD By Nate Dallas

▪️INSIGHT: The book shares the first hand experience of author who though excels in his personal and professional life and seem to be orchestrating everything just perfectly a perfect father, husband and boss. But something he is missing is his health which is deteriorating. Read the book to know what follows and it’s a promise, it’s really awakening.

▪️REVIEW: Author has managed to carve the book in 14 chapters, which categorically discusses the most important subjects every youth goes through in life like money, minimalism, meditation, relationship. He not only discusses these topics but also beautifully conclude his perspectives.

▪️STRENGTH: I personally liked flipping through every page.May be it’s because of the point in life i have entered, these topics were so relevant in life before.

▪️WEAKNESS: There’s no major weakness, the author as well as publishers have done a great job.

▪️TARGET READERS: Young adults, Adults, Grown-ups

▪️AGE GROUP: 18+

▪️GENRE: Self Help

▪️RATING: 5/5

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