This book is compilation of footnotes of some of the best self help books from around the world minus their heart, soul and context.

Book Review ~ The Sh*t They Never Taught You by Adam Jones and Adam Ashton

• INSIGHT: The authors have evidently read an impressive number of self-help books and have compiled their collective insights into a 680 page tome. From Dalai Lama to James Clear of Atomic Habits fame, everyone of self-help import is credited to have inspired each chapter. Each chapter has a logical flow to the next, starting from the book’s name sake “Getting your **** together” all the way up to philosophical musings on the past present and future.

• REVIEW: This book is a cannibalised dish of the body of work of authors who have spent years researching and creating an engaging narrative for their respective topics. The authors of this book, however, have provided their brief notes that lack depth, perspective and intellectual engagement. There is a reason why we do not immediately turn our lives around when advice such as “Stop smoking”, “Stop wasting your life”, “Grow up” etc are thrown at us. Our evolutionary traits need us to be moved either emotionally, psychologically or logically before we take up new habits or break away from old ones. Nothing this book has to offer is original.


  1. Cover is eye-catching.
  2. The authors’ style of writing is easy to understand, conversational.

• WEAKNESS: Unoriginal and lacks depth.

• BEST QUOTE: “Important people prefer good listeners to good talkers, but the ability to listen
is rare.”

• TARGET READERS : This book is suited for those looking for quick Highlights of great self
help books.

•GENRE: Non-Fiction/Self-help

• Rating: 2.5/5

📍Examples of books that inspired every chapter of authors of this book

1.The happiness equation by Neil Pasricha
2.Mindset by Carol Dweck
3.The compound effect by Darren Hardy
4.Presence by Amy Cuddy
5.Getting the love you want by Helen Lakelly Hunt and Harville Hendrix And the list goes on.

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