A step by step guide on how to align your heart, truths and energy to become the better version of yourself.

Book Review ~ The Change Guidebook by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

⭐️ INSIGHT: The change guidebook is an ultimate guidebook that if followed step by step can bring a positive change and prepare oneself to accept and alter one’s life. This is a work-along-as-you-read book. This book is applicable to people from all walks of life.

⭐️ REVIEW: The book consists of 10 chapters as 10 points of change along with an introduction part, that very precisely explains what the book is all about. The chapters are divided into three parts that fits well under the headings. The book tells how to align your heart, truths and energy to become the better version of yourself. The book raises a very pertinent point that we have a choice in every moment of how to be. The first part starts with the incredible power of listening to your heart. The book offers 40 success tips to polish yourself to perfection. Success tips talk about gratefulness, forgiveness, formulation of your life’s vision statement, responsibility, healing etc. Success tip 17- Elizabeth’s Pretzel theory and Success tip 24 needs a special mention.

Every chapter has some powerful stories of change. The author has also shared her real life anecdotes of overcoming grief and embracing life. This inspirational guidebook helps in finding, gaining and flaring your confidence to become the person you always wanted to be.

1) Each chapter ends with some self assessment exercises.
2) Power word bank can be used as a daily positive affirmation.
3) Lucid language and beginner friendly.

⭐️ TARGET READERS: 13 and above

⭐️ GENRE: Non- fiction, Self help

⭐️ RATING: 5/5

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