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Book Review ~ Money- What’s left What’s right- By the Accidental Millionaire by Dhanashree Bhatkal

• INSIGHT: Financial freedom and planning are the key hacks to success and growth in an individual’s life. Money- What’s left What’s right is a book which in four parts helps the reader understand the different situations that crop up in an individual’s life and how one should assess savings, spending, and avoid unnecessary expenses. The book shares real life case studies, which guides the reader in dealing with practical day to day money matters and gives him or her a perspective into successful decision making.

• REVIEW: The narration technique and storytelling by the author is well balanced and rightly approached. Supported with facts , definitions and examples, the book makes for a realistic and practical read, thus benefiting the young millennial generation in their constant juggle between saving less and spending more.

• BEST QUOTE FROM THIS BOOK: “Every person who ever walked this earth has a super power-some unique and special they bring to the table.”

• STRENGTH: The topic dealt with us quite relatable, the language easy to comprehend and the book is an easy life-hacks useful read.

• WEAKNESS: There are some technical terms such as ‘high yield bonds’ and a detailed description of asset classes which might get tedious to comprehend for some young readers

• TARGET READERS: Young adults

• GENRE: Personal Finance

• RATING: 4.4/5

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