This book is an honest reflection of the incredible journey of an inspiring self-made woman.

Book Review ~ Unstoppable By Meena Chabbria

•INSIGHT: Meena Chabbria chronicles her time on this planet thus far in this 200 page memoir. She talks about her birth into a humble household that was filled with love even when their bellies were not, her struggles as a student from mediocrity to excellence, finding work as a preschool orderly to reselling t-shirts by the kilo to make ends meet to becoming a rising corporate star of PVR, her marriage to an older man, the birth of her two beautiful children, realising that the man she respected as her husband was not the one to help her grow in life, deciding to separate and taking on the reins of a single parent.

•REVIEW: The author is refreshingly and brutally honest with herself in this book. She unabashedly sheds light on her own failings and unapologetically recounts her triumphs. Her style of writing is easy to read and engaging, keeping the reader glued to the kaleidoscope of events that occurred in her life. The chronological progression of these events makes the reader appreciate the growth and tenacity of the author. There are times when I smiled, got emotional or had goose bumps. This is a humbling, awe-inspiring, fire under your tushy generating book.


  1. An inspiring story written in a lucid, engaging way.
  2. The author’s message to the reader is clear, concise and powerful.
  3. Beautiful images inside the book as well as an attractive cover.


  1. It can come across as self-promotional towards the end where the author talks about her
    coaching classes.
  2. Idolization of certain personalities seemed a little over the top.
  3. Expensive.

•BEST QUOTE: “I could have left things on the table and looked for “Mr. Right” to come and help me, but I chose to set things right myself.”

•TARGET READERS: Perfect for Rags to Riches/ Motivational book/ Non-fiction biography lovers.

•GENRE: Non-Fiction/ Memoir

• Rating: 4.4/5

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