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Our review program is based on a new self-devised marketing concept, which is not only about briefing the ‘story’, ‘author’ or ‘cover’ but also to comment on the writing style, language efficiency and target readers of the book.

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Time taken: Estimate 20-30 days after delivery depending on various factors such as no. of pages, genre, font etc.

Payment Terms: You are required to pay in advance, our fee along with the cost of the book (includes delivery charges, if any). This helps us in purchasing the book from our Amazon account and submitting a verified purchase review.

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Pratik Sharma Author of And Then She Unloved Me
Pratik Sharma Author of And Then She Unloved Me

Kitabi Keeda was introduced to me by a friend and since then, I used to follow their posts about book reviews. At the time of finalizing the last draft of my book, I thought of getting reviewed by them. The day I received their review, I got to know what a genuine review means. Unlike other book reviewers, Kitabi Keeda reviewed the book thoroughly. Something that impressed me the most was that they also mentioned about the books genre, target readers, pros and cons, and what not. Even the pace of the book in the first and second half were noted well. I was glad to have my book ‘And Then She Unloved Me’ reviewed by them because of the authenticity of their work. I wish them well and thank fhem for providing such an exceptional platform for readers and authors alike.

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