A book which must be in every hospital waiting room 🏥

Book Review ~ Dear people, with love and care your doctor By Debraj Shome and Aparna GovilBhaskar

•Insight- The book is a beautiful collection of priceless experiences and memories from doctors all around the globe. An insight into the mind of doctors let’s us know about the riot of emotions they go through every single day. The joy when a doctor save a life, the despair when he/she loses one, the rush when one is trying to pull a patient down when God is pulling him up, and the anguish when after putting in all efforts, a patient walks away towards the almighty without leaving a clue why.

It shows the importance of hope, willpower and trust, that treat a patient more than any medication, and how the optimism of doctors let patients see light at the end of the tunnel when even the next of kin have lost it.

•Review- The book treats DOCTORS in very high regard but on the other hand explains to the society that in the end all doctors are human, and like every other profession, medicine also has some malicious elements which sometimes hinder with the well being of the patients. As we turn the pages of the book we see how sometimes patient’s approach a doctor at a very fragile point in their life, it takes a lot of patience and courage to lift people up and show them hope that itself is very bleak, and this is what unfolds into a doctor-patient relationship. (The relationship is akin to a roller coaster ride, enjoyable at times and tenuous at others.) pg 102

Kudos to the editor for collecting and compiling all the stories which was not at all plain sailing, further editing the stories in a very easily conceivable manner, yet the reader gets the adrenaline rush while reading all the stories as he can feel the intense atmosphere in an emergency room or an ICU.

The book promises a beautiful ride through unsung tales of patients, doctors and their relatives. A must read for all patients and attendants sitting for long hours in the waiting area. .

•Drawbacks- None, apart from the medical terminologies which is very often used in the book, non medicos may find it little difficult to connect at first read. .

•Rating- 5/5

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